Mr. Bierman enjoys the highest level of certification awarded in the field of polygraph by the APA, AAPP and FPA. He has been qualified as an Expert in Federal, State and International Criminal and Civil Courts

• Backster School of Lie Detection
    • Certification Latest Developments in Lie Detection
    • Certification Post Conviction Sex Offender Polygraph Examination Course
    • Backster Zone of Comparison Technique

• American Polygraph Association
    • Certification Advanced and Specialized Training in Polygraph
    • Certification Sex Offender Treatment and Monitoring Program

• Florida Polygraph Association
    • Certified Polygraphist
    • School for Continuing Studies
    • Certification of Proficiency Polygraph Techniques and Procedures
    • Sexual Offender Treatment and Monitoring Programs

•National Polygraph Institute
    • Certification of Completion
    • Certification of Training
    • Certification - Master of Polygraph
    • Graduation Certificate

• American College of Forensic Examiners
    • Fellow Status

American Association of Police Polygraphists
    • Certified Forensic Law Enforcement Polygraph Examiner
    • Certified Comprehensive Polygraph Science and Technology

• U.S. Government Department of Defense
    • Zone of Comparison Technique

• Certification in Linguistic Analysis

• FBI Training
    • Profiling and Behavior Analysis

• Axciton Systems Incorporated
    • John Hopkins University Scoring Algorithm
    • Certificate of Forensic Psychophysiologist
    • Advanced Certification in Computerized Polygraph

• Hundreds of hours continuing educational programs in connection with the APA, FPA, AAPP,
    • Department of Defense Polygraph Institute

• University of Miami - Incomplete

• Princeton University – Assistant in Research Grant to study Interviewing and Interrogation

Military History
• U.S. Army– Honorable Discharge

3200 North University Drive
Suite 207
Coral Springs, FL 33065