I’ve recently viewed Doug Williams “manual” “How To Sting The Polygraph”. It is misinformation for the singular purpose of fattening his wallet. Williams is a huckster, a pitchman reminiscent of the old time snake oil salesman. Selling his “manual” with no guilt or misgivings for those he misguided.

He gets his $59.95 and you are by following his directions telling any knowledgeable Polygraph Examiner that you are trying to distort the test. Why? Truthful people don’t deliberately distort. The Examiner will think you are at best a liar, at least stupid.

For six years Williams “ground out” pre-employment examinations, 3000+ by his count – assembly line work. Nothing in his manual addresses real life testing. Williams tells you “not to react”, “just relax” on the relevant questions as if even he could do that. How not to react? THE HUMAN MIND CANNOT PROCESS A NEGATIVE, IT JUST CAN’T. You cannot tell yourself you didn’t do something you did.

The system in play is the autonomic nervous system, that means automatic not under your control. It’s like telling your kidneys not to do their function or your heart not to pump blood. You just cannot control the automatic functions of the central nervous system. You can create distortion, which will look like distortion, but you cannot mute reaction. Lies don’t change their essential character just because you want it or will it to.

Can you imagine if Williams’ crap worked? Al Queda Operatives would be insinuating themselves throughout our homeland security (FBI, NSA, etc.). Our most secret doings open to spies who bought his manual. Americans enemies as his students, he is laughing all the way to the bank. Foreign nationals who want to defeat the polygraph spend months in training and still cannot, you believe his quick read manual is going to do it?

Williams “testimonials” from alleged users of the system – do they remind you of the “I lost 50 pounds in 30 days” that you see on the back of expose papers. Plain BS.

He presents himself as a concerned conscience stricken ex-police officer now trying to do right by deceiving others. His epiphany fits like putting a white collar on a pig. Yeah – Right! Is something wrong with that thought?

He is deceiving you right now by his misleading information. If you want to pass the test, it’s easy – TELL THE TRUTH. There, the real secret is out.

Take that to the bank from a qualified polygraph Examiner with credentials and experience.

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