Leonard Bierman Curriculum Vitae• Leonard Bierman & Associates, Inc. – President – 20 years

• Polygraph Examiner of 40 years. Over 30,000 examinations conducted – 15,000+ specific incident exams of major crimes, felonies, misdemeanors, civil litigation and mediations

Recent Excerpts

- Practice limited to evidentiary testing.

Conducted over 700 evidentiary polygraph examinations over the past three years and has been repeatedly called upon to provide expert testimony in criminal and civil cases, both Daubert and Frye Hearings.

April 2013 was a good month and a milestone for me as an examiner with an armed robbery, a murder and a death penalty case all favorably resolved -

    Charges dropped in 26-year old fugitive case. Accusations emanated from her co-defendant who cut a deal.

    Charge of armed robbery was dropped following the polygraph examination - the only evidence an eye witness ID.

    5-year old murder charge, where eye witness accounts again seemed to be the primary evidence. Case dropped following polygraph examination.

In 2013 a Bierman case was featured on Dateline's "Missing at Sea"; and on The Investigators on TRU TV another Bierman case was profiled titled "Eerie Massacre" documenting the case of Nelson Serano and the quadruple murder.

2010 - 2012 -- Continuing numbers of cases dropped, dismissed or favorably influenced by polygraph examinations conducted by Mr. Bierman and/or polygraph evidence testimony.

- Polygraph examination for the Innocence Project leads to evidence of innocence of a man after serving 23 years of a life sentence for the rape of a minor boy of which he was wrongfully convicted.

- Victim of an alleged rape by Hall of Fame football player leads to settlement in a civil case.

- Consultant to U.S. Attorney’s Office as Polygraph Expert in the notorious “Joe Cool: quadruple murder case.

- Case dropped following a polygraph examination vindicating a man accused of lewd and lascivious conduct (name withheld) after losing his job, his reputation, his wife, bail bond money and lawyer’s fees.

- Numerous cases from hubcap thefts to homicides, including death-penalty cases, examinations brought forth influential evidence for defense and/or prosecution.

Adam Kaufman Murder Trial – Bierman tested Mr. Kaufmanon August 31, 2009 and declared him truthful in his denials of killing his wife Eleanora “Lina”. “Mattewman’s motion to introduce polygraph evidence was as good as any I ever witnessed”, said Bierman. On June 5, 2012 accused murderer Adam Kaufman walked out of court a free man after masterful lawyering by the defense team of William Matthewman and Alberto Milian.

In 2008 I provided polygraph evidence that was influential in favorable decisions in the 17th Florida Circuit in a shaken baby syndrome case in front of Judge John Frusciante, defense attorney Susan Glancy and in Federal Court on a Motion to Supress…US v. Shaygen, defense attorneys David Marcus and Marc Seitles.

Has provided polygraph testimony in three different capital murder cases on behalf of the defense in which someone else subsequently confessed to the crime. Based on my findings, there have been dozens of cases nolle proequi, dismissed or filings withheld and sentencing hearings influenced in cases running the gambit from petty theft to homicide.

As the Examiner of Record, was instrumental in favorable resolutions in two of the 100 largest civil adjudications in the United States during 2006. My findings also helped clear police officers of unjust complaints and Internal Affairs Investigations. Was the Examiner of Record in some of the most media-intensive cases including America’s Most Wanted “Disappearance at Sea”. Conducted examinations to confirm/dispute facts involving current Hall of Fame members in MLB, NBA and NFL.

Served as a contributing member of the American Polygraph Association’s “Daubert” Committee, which resulted in a Daubert testimony model for use in the introduction of polygraph testimony in Federal Court.

Conducted several Continuing Legal Education classes and seminars on polygraph and its admissibility.

Independent evaluation by the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute of decision accuracy*.

Recognized on many occasions by the justice system as an expert in polygraph.

Member Ad Hoc Committee on Validated Techniques of the American Polygraph Association to determine what polygraph techniques are validated and backed by published scientific research. These findings have resulted in what techniques and test data analysis are validated and required by the American Polygraph Association Members worldwide.

Polygraph Expert for Innocence Project.

* Independant evaluation by the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute of decision accuracy of three hundred polygraph charts scored 'blindly' (not having the benefit of questions or case facts). Mr. Bierman received a score of 93%, which was the second highest recorded and reported score.

• Qualified Court Certified Expert testimony in:
   • 5th, 10th, 11th and 17th Judicial Circuit Courts, United States Federal Court Southern District (criminal and civil) and internationally in Jamaica.
   • Critical consults on polygraph testimony in Hillsborough, Duval and Hendry Counties in Florida and Eastern District of Brooklyn, New York.
   • Supplied foundation testimony in Frye Hearings Dade, Broward, Marion and Polk Counties
   • U.S. Federal Court Sentencing Hearings
   • U.S. Federal Court Magistrate Hearing (testified on successful defense motion to suppress critical government evidence)
   • Supplied foundation testimony resulting in the admissibility of polygraph over objection (Frye Hearing) in the 17th Circuit, State of Florida

• Examinations conducted for or in connection with:
   • Judges
   • Dade County States Attorney’s Office
   • Broward County States Attorney’s Office
   • Federal Court – 12th District
   • Dade County Public Defender’s Office
   • Broward County Public Defender’s Office
   • Homeland Security Department
   • U.S. Coast Guard
   • U.S. Customs
   • FBI
   • U.S. Post Office
   • Department of Children and Families
   • Civil Commitments (Jimmy Ryce Law)
   • Local and State Police Departments
   • Department of Corrections
   • Parole and Probation Departments
   • Dade County Board of Education
   • Cruise Lines
   • Airlines

• Conducted CLE (Continuing Legal Education) credit Seminars on Polygraph and Polygraph Evidence attended by:
   • Dade County Public Defender's Office
   • Miami/Dade Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
   • Broward County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
   • Broward County Public Defenders
   • Broward County State Attorney's Office Members
   • Broward County Bench/Bar Conference

• Frequent speaker on polygraph, interrogation, linguistic analysis and EPPA to:
   • Trial Lawyers
   • Law Enforcement
   • Public Defender’s Office
   • Auditors
   • District Attorneys
   • Savings and Loan Executives
   • Hospitality Industry

• Featured debater on radio, television and congressional hearings regarding polygraph

• Examiner of record in high profile cases

• Graymark Security Group – Former co-owner/Executive Vice President – 25 years
   • Chief Executive Officer and Director – Polygraph Division
   • Supervised activities of 30 Polygraph Examiners
   • Personally conducted in excess of 10,000 specific polygraph examinations